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Get up and go with Unimate. This highly concentrated yerba mate drink contains a unique blend of plant compounds known to:

  • Improve mood
  • Boost energy
  • Heighten mental clarity
  • Suppress appetite

Plus, it's sugar free!

Bios Life Slim

Bios Life Slim is the smart solution to balanced nutrition. This patented blend of fibers, nutrients, and plant compounds are specifically designed to:

  • Slow carbohydrate absorption so you stay full longer
  • Promote proper digestion and cholesterol absorption
  • Provide 9 essential vitamins and minerals
Frequently asked questions
Can I change the suggested amount of water?

Bios Life Slim is designed to thicken. We suggest using at least the minimum recommended amount of water to avoid choking. If you find Bios Life Slim to be too thick, feel free to add more water. Don’t forget to drink Bios Life Slim immediately after mixing. It is designed to thicken in your stomach, not in your cup!

There’s no need to drink Bios Life Slim twice per day if you’re only having one meal.

Introducing fiber (Bios Life Slim) can increase gas or bloating in some people. This is a normal reaction as your body begins to acclimate to the increased daily fiber intake. The effects should diminish after 2–3 weeks. If you’re very uncomfortable, consider halving the portion of Bios Life Slim you take before each meal for 3–7 days.

Yes. If the meal you’re about to eat is particularly high in carbohydrate or sugar content, we recommend having an additional serving of Bios Life Slim.

Yes. If you do have more than two meals per day (assuming you haven’t reached the 16-hour fast mark yet), we recommend taking Bios Life Slim before each meal.