Study highlights: Feel Great system supports healthy metabolic health markers

Woman drinking Unimate beverage.

One of society’s great health threats today is the decline in metabolic health, which is measured by five key factors: blood pressure, blood glucose, triglycerides, HDL cholesterol, and waist circumference. Most American adults—93%—don’t meet the requirements to be considered metabolically healthy, due largely to poor diet and sedentary habits. 

Our modern lifestyle affects not just our physical health; it affects our quality of life, too.

That being said, making better choices is easier said than done, especially in a society that values convenience over health. As The Health Intervention Company, Unicity was founded with a bold mission: to make healthy living doable in an on-the-go world. Restrictive diets, extreme exercise regimens, and superhuman willpower can only get you so far, which is why Unicity invests in innovative solutions—backed by science—that make it easier to achieve the health outcomes we desire.

The Feel Great approach

The Feel Great system emerged as a way to make living a healthy lifestyle easier, specifically by making intermittent fasting more doable and thereby helping more people reap the benefits

The Feel Great system consists of two products in addition to intermittent fasting. Unimate is a high-quality yerba mate drink that contains a unique blend of plant compounds known to improve mood, boost energy, heighten mental clarity, and suppress appetite. Many people who participate in the Feel Great program drink Unimate in place of breakfast in the morning because it helps them jump-start their day without breaking their fast.

The other product, Balance, is a pre-meal drink that contains a patented blend of fibers and plant compounds designed to slow carbohydrate absorption (so you stay full longer) and promote proper digestion and cholesterol absorption. 

These two products address one of the biggest challenges of intermittent fasting—managing hunger—by promoting satiety, meaning you’ll feel fuller for longer. They also support metabolic health overall, aligning with Unicity’s mission to help make life better for people all around the world.

Backed by science

While Feel Great users love the products and approach, we back up our products with more than just positive reviews. A recent study, “The ‘Feel Great’ program improves cardiometabolic health outcomes in healthy adults,” measured changes in cardiometabolic health among participants who followed Feel Great for 60 days. The results revealed significant improvements in key metabolic health markers, including blood lipid levels, body weight, and waist circumference.  


This study included 42 healthy participants ages 20–65. Each person followed Unicity’s Feel Great program for 60 days, which included taking Unimate in the morning, Balance once or twice a day (before lunch and/or dinner), and fasting for 14–16 hours overnight.

Measurements were collected on days 0, 30, and 60, and included weight, waist circumference, blood lipid levels, and percent hemoglobin A1c (% HbA1c).


Significant decreases in weight and waist circumference occurred among all participants during the study. Furthermore, the study also revealed significant decreases in LDL and total cholesterol. Triglyceride and % HbA1c levels also decreased after 60 days.

In short, participants who followed the Feel Great system for 60 days were able to improve several of their metabolic health markers.

Prioritizing metabolic health

Change is hard, even if you have a hundred good reasons to make that change. The Feel Great program isn’t meant to be yet another “hard” change. Instead, it’s been shown to support people on their health journeys without requiring them to make major changes in their life. 

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