The Feel Great system just got better. Here’s what’s changed and why

Feel Great logo with boxes of Unicity Balance and Unimate

We at Unicity make an effort to continually study our products and discover the hidden benefits that may exist. Recent studies on Unimate have shown just how much Unimate can support insulin sensitivity, metabolic health, energy production, and overall weight management.

Unimate is a powerful staple in our Feel Great program and the metabolic and well-being benefits it offers are even greater than we first thought. We’ve outlined some of the newer findings of Unimate below, which explain why Unimate is now a bigger focus of the Feel Great system.

Supports natural GLP-1 production

GLP-1 is a peptide hormone produced in the intestines in response to food intake. Its primary function is to regulate blood sugar levels and slow digestion to help you feel fuller for longer.

There is a lot of buzz surrounding injectable weight-loss drugs called GLP-1 agonists. These drugs, originally created for the treatment of diabetes, are often now provided for weight loss. GLP-1 agonists work by mimicking the natural function of GLP-1 in the body. However, it’s becoming clear that the side effects may not outweigh the benefits for long term users.

In a recent study, GLP-1 production was measured in subjects that took Unimate and a control group that took water. Unimate subjects had a much higher production rate of natural GLP-1 production.

As the world learns more about GLP-1, based on the popularity of synthetic drugs, it’s become clear that naturally stimulating this beneficial hormone could be invaluable in supporting metabolic health.

Supports weight management

Another recent study finding with Unimate found a substantial effect on body weight over a four-week period. Results showed that the group that consumed Unimate did not gain any weight, while the control group steadily gained weight over the four-week period. Both groups maintained consistent dietary patterns.

Unimate supports overall weight-management goals, and because it doesn’t break your fast, it also supports your intermittent fasting goals.

Supports cellular energy production

An additional study proved Unimate consumption increases cellular energy production. The group that consumed Unimate had a significant increase in energy output compared to the control group that consumed water. The energy output at the cellular level can indicate improved metabolic efficiency as well as other benefits like endurance, stamina, and a boost of vitality.

Watch the video below for more from Dr. Bikman on why Unimate is taking a more central role in the Feel Great program. You can also learn more about our Unimate and Feel Great studies by visiting Unicity’s science site.

Feel Great system 2.0: What’s changing

With these important Unimate findings, in addition to Unimate’s upgraded formula containing natural flavors and sweeteners, we’ve upgraded the Feel Great program to enhance its benefits and make your experience even better.

The Feel Great formula is still simple:

2 Unimate + 1 Balance + intermittent fasting

Here’s when we recommend taking the products:

  • Take Unimate first thing in the morning, and again before lunch, before a workout, or any time you need a pick-me-up.
  • Take Balance before your heaviest meal of the day. Most people prefer to take it with dinner, as this helps them fast until their first meal the next day.

Another change you should be aware of: you no longer need to wait 10–15 minutes after eating to take Balance! Simply take it right before or during your meal and you’ll get the full benefits.

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