Study: Fiber supplementation with Unicity Balance supports normal, healthy glucose levels

 Chart showing the change in glucose levels after study participants took Unicity Balance

It used to be that those with diabetes were the only people who paid attention to their blood glucose levels. But this is changing as the prevalence of insulin resistance rises and more people become aware of the importance of normal, healthy blood sugar levels on overall health.

Dietary fiber plays an important role in helping to support normal, healthy blood sugar levels, especially after we eat. Soluble fiber in particular helps control the surge in blood sugar that happens after meals.

Study overview: How Unicity Balance supports normal, healthy glucose  levels

Unicity Balance is a pre-meal fiber drink composed of a fiber blend that has been shown to support a healthier postprandial (i.e., post-meal) response to high-carbohydrate foods. Researchers conducted a study to further assess how consuming Balance before a high-carb breakfast impacted the post-meal response.


Study participants included nine generally healthy adults. Participants were randomly split into two groups, the Balance group and the control group. Each group ate the same breakfast, at the same time, throughout the study: two waffles, 30 g of syrup, and 10 oz of orange juice, totaling 89 g of carbohydrates. Fifteen minutes before eating the meal, the Balance group drank one serving of Balance and the control group drank water (or nothing at all).

Participants wore a continuous glucose monitor (CGM) throughout the study, and CMG output for two hours following the test meals was evaluated to determine the postprandial response.


At the conclusion of the study, researchers found that those who took Balance before their breakfast had significantly moderated glucose at 30 and 45 minutes after eating (34% and 37%, respectively). The overall glucose response after two hours was also significantly moderated (43%) for those who took Balance.

Study conclusions

This study suggests that taking Unicity Balance before consuming a high-carb meal can affect the impact of dietary carbohydrates on the body, likely due to slower overall glucose absorption.

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